Dangerous Man offers a sauna with your beer
City Pages | Posted: 3/21/2016

Little Box Sauna to open in Como park
Star Tribune | Posted: 02/01/2016

Public urban saunas offer a double liberation from cramped Minnesota winters
Bill Lindeke | MinnPOST | Posted: 01/04/16

Minnesota millennials are stoking revival of ancient Nordic tradition of a cleansing sauna
Star Tribune | Posted: 11/21/2015

Creative Hotspot
University of Minnesota: News and Events | Posted: 03/16/2015
Little Box Sauna: a new mobile ‘hot spot’ in Bloomington
Brian Piatt | KARE 11 News | Posted: 02/24/2015

Shopping and a Sauna
Allison Kaplan | Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine | Posted: 02/24/2015

Little Box Sauna: A New Kind of Mobile Hot Spot
Anna Jursik | D@MN News | Posted: 02/23/2015

Building Makes Things Better: LITTLE BOX SAUNA
Molly Dalsin | UMN School of Architecture: Student Stories | Posted: 02/21/2015



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