LBS Build: Day 14

Welcome to our 80,000 BTU Scandia propane heater!


I didn’t encounter this one in OSHA training.


Talked to so many helpful people today to work out what we need for our custom installation. Learning everything about propane use, mechanisms, installation and testing.

IMG_20150112_121757887_HDR   IMG_20150112_122504826_HDRIMG_20150112_124615280_HDRIMG_20150112_130613108_HDR


Lots of considerations: ease of installation, durability on the road, safety, condensation, fittings, pressure, etc. Straight to the source;


it’s amazing what you can find out if you just keep talking and looking around. From this corner emerged a miracle tube, saving lots of time and money!


Steel braided tubing, 9/16″ inside diameter. It’s perfect, and could’t be more hardcore!


Also did some more hunting on what to use for flooring below our wood slats. You’d be surprised how rare black linoleum is, and the range of types.





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  1. Hey man, nice looking sauna heater you got there!


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