LBS Build: Day 03

Happy New Year! To start off 2015, Molly got out her cross-country skis, and MRAJ headed up to Hill City, South Dakota, to ski and walk the Mickelson trail. Red dirt, white snow, green trees, blue sky!


Red jacket, red cap. “It suits you!”


We worked out some attachment details, and continued to model the finishes for the LBS exterior and interior, with our proposed board sizes and spacing.


To make the two boxes come together, an interior wall to wall attachment doesn’t quite work out with our geometry (above), but a fixed exterior bracket will. Here’s the start of a detail for how we plan to build it:

C:UsersandreaGoogle DriveMRAJ3_BTAC4_Design2_Digital M

1×3 Sho Sugi Ban cladding with 3/8″ reveal on the sides + 1×6 Sho Sugi Ban cladding with no reveal wrapping the long direction

LBS Screenshot

LBS interior cladding 1×3 cedar with 3/8″ reveal

LBS Screenshot2

LBS hot room interior

LBS Interior 1

LBS changing room and intermediary space interior

LBS Interior 2


One comment

  1. Peter Crandall

    looks amaze


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